SPRD13 Cafe Amsterdam «Audio Hydrates»
Catalog #: SPRD13
Artist: Cafe Amsterdam
Type: EP
Title: Audio Hydrates
Date: 2013-04-29
Genre: Electronica
Style: Psychill, Psybient, Chill Out
Format: Digital
Mastering: DJ Zen
"Special thanx to Pasha at Spaceradio, Harida at Nasca Music for his percussion etc. and Meera on Vocals. Also thanx to, Scotty, Riktam, Bansi, Kabir, Saffa, Sangitam, Niel, Nadja, Ceda, Amrisha and the whole old school pyramid poona people."
Tracks 2 & 4 written by T. Edelberg, Tracks 1 and 3 by 'Solarfire' and T. Edelberg.