SPRD01 Uchu «Shamen Funk»
Catalog #: SPRD01
Artist: Uchu
Type: Album
Title: Shamen Funk
Date: 2011-04-22
Genre: Electronica
Style: Psychill
Format: CD, Digital
Artwork: Alexander Zhelonkin
Mastering: Kevin Metcalfe

Hypnotic sounds and grooves of the second UCHU's album 'Shamen Funk' tend to make a bridge between ancient shamanic misteries and present. Mostly electronic, the album is also full of live sounds of djembes, percussion, guitars and field recordings.

Album starts with a track 'Wrong Direction' - very solid and groovy. Odd signatures in tracks 'Shamen Funk' and 'RoboJesus' will make your usual way of thinking change its direction. Track 'Substance' features sounds of ancient tibetian sing bowls and percussive instruments mixed with synthesized ones.

It took two years to create this album. Beautiful artwork from Alexander Zhelonkin and carefull mastering by Kevin Metcalfe made a final touch to this awesome work.

Revolve Magazine
«Fasten your talismans and grease those moccasins, Uchu are ready to fill you with fractal tea and freak your feet into funky oblivion.»

Mushroom Magazine
«New release reflects artist‘s music philosophy of composing proper-done, truly trippy tracks, which can lead listener through time and space, enjoying everything around. »

Rolling Stone (RU)
«Music from the second album of Pavel Burylichev allows to call spiritistic powers and to move you through space and time.»

Trippin' The Rift
«The album is massive though. You won't get tired from listening to it, but it's... pervasiveness might make your head spin a little.  ...A very interesting work, intense and soothing, thoughtful and thought-provoking, compact and limitless, just like Universe itself.»