ARTISTS released on Spaceradio Records
Avaris is a psychill project of Kostas Kanlis, known worldwide for his psy-trance project Archaic (Parvati Records). The debut EP on Spaceradio Records unleashes the other side of Kostas' music exploration and brings you three brilliant downtempo tracks. You may found the whole worlds in these sounds: from ancient shamanic rhythms to twisted electronic grooves.
Black IzolentaH
Master of dark and deep sound from the sacred city of Varanasi. Released a full-length album and a collaboration EP with Uchu.
Cafe Amsterdam
Cafe Amsterdam aka Tattva (DJ Satish).
Playing and making music in different styles lot of years. Tobias released two albums on Spaceradio and took a part in a VA compilation.
Callipso-Collapsa is a psy-chill/downtempo project by Valentine Unix and some session artists. Started in 2002 Callipso-Collapsa played at many parties in Russia, Ukraine and Goa, India.
Choop Project
Alexey — author and performer of his psychedelic music. Began studying electronic music in 1998 after buying his first synthesizer. Later computer defined the vector of musical preferences, finally and irrevocably, in the direction of dance and chill-out music. At the moment Alexey works under the nickname "Choop Project".
Electrique Sonique
Martin Schoenauer Aka Dj Aze aka O.G.M, Electrique Sonique or aka Charasmatix is a child of the 70`s born in western Germany .
His initial ideas also with later originallity was influenced by 80`s Synthi Pop, EBM Musik New Wave later then Acid House.
Flucturion 2.0
Konstantine is a multi-genre psychedelic artist. He makes psy-trance, psy-prog, psy-chill and downtempo music.
izzumm [izzju:m] aka Boris Solodovnikov - is an ethno-electronic composer and multiinstrumental musician, playing live ethnic and modern musical instruments such as tabla,djambe,darbuka,uzbekistan doira,indian chimta, nepali daf, shaman drum, vargans,tibetian singing bowls,guitars and basses, with mixing them with virtual and analog synths and effects.
Beatless ambient project by one of the members of Synthetic Sunrise. Debut album "Invisible Microspace" is out on Spaceradio Records.
Michael Fadeev
nu tao
Rodrigo Ramirez is an Argentinean artist mostly living in Spain now. He attended Spaceradio Records party in October 2014.
Stalo Xinari is behind the SXtheMadArtist Solo Electronic Music Production Project.
Synthetic Sunrise
Moscow-based electronic project Synthetic Sunrise proposes hypnotic soundscapes for both dreaming and being, advocating a soundtrack to both tangible and other, ethereal realms. This, in straightforward terms, is music for dreamers who are stuck in the here and now.
The word UCHU means nothing particular =) In Japanese language it means «Cosmos». UCHU is a psychedelic music project of Pavel Burylichev.
WAVESPELL is a time-space capsule... It's mission is to bring energy back to the EARTH. .. Music is our main tool. .. Yellow Lunar Warrior & Yellow Self-existing Seed will be your pilots along this journey and are happy to welcome you onboard... We wish you a pleasant flight....:)